Fuhr Sports Park

Fuhr Sports Park (formerly known as West District Park) is a $12 million dollar state of the art sports facility located right here in Spruce Grove.  It consist of 2 premium artificial turf fields with a field house, locker rooms ,score clocks and more.


Fuhr Sports Park Rules

No tents or shelters are allowed on the fields, unless they are free standing, no pegs allowed.

The only liquid allowed on the fields is water. No food of any kind is allowed.

No metal cleats allowed.

The only people allowed on to the playing surface are players, coaches, and officials. NO PARENTS ON THE FIELDS.

No pets are allowed in the facility.

There will be a concession running upstairs during events.

If teames need there are 4 very large dressing rooms. #1 if for the home team on the East Field, # 2 is the away team on the East, #3 is the away team on the West and # 1 is the home team on the West. There are 2 very large cage style lock ups in each dressing room. The plan is that when a team is dressed and ready to go on to the field all their stuff is put in ONE of the cage type lockers and locked, each team MUST bring it’s own lock and key. If there is a second game right after a game is finishing the second team in the dressing room puts it’s stuff in the second locker and so on.

All dressing rooms are fully equipped with benches and large shower areas.

Players and parents should know that the rubber pellets in the turf can be very harmful to washing machines, make sure that all equipment is shaken very well before laundering.


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